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After carefully considering what my children needed out of their everyday lives, I thought that it made more sense to add a pet along with some of our other items. I wanted to create a great way for them to learn responsibility and daily work, and incorporating some pets really helped to accomplish those goals. We got a bearded dragon lizard, and it was really fun to watch how the kids reacted with it. They loved playing with it each and every day, and I was super happy to see how much they were growing through the process. Check out this blog for tips on how to take care of pets.


3 Things You Should Know About a Double-Coated Dog’s Grooming Needs

26 September 2019
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Did you know that dogs have different types of coats? Some dog breeds, such as Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers, are double-coated. The undercoat consists of very short, dense hairs whereas the hairs in the topcoat are much longer. Additionally, most of the color variation in a dog's coat comes from the topcoat hairs—the undercoat typically only consists of a single color. If you're a dog owner, it's important to know whether or not your dog is double-coated. Read More …

3 Things Your New Pet Rat Snake Needs

24 September 2019
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Dogs and cats may be the most common types of pets in households today. However, more and more people are seeing the benefits of having a pet snake. While easy to care for, snakes do require certain care and specific environments to keep them healthy and happy. The rat snake, for instance, is incredibly easy to maintain, but proper preparation is crucial before bringing your new pet reptile home. Here are a few essentials your pet rat snake needs. Read More …

4 Veterinary Services Every Dog Needs

17 September 2019
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When it comes to keeping Fido happy and healthy, there are certain veterinary services that pet owners should take advantage of. Here are four veterinary services every dog needs. 1. Dental Care Like humans, it's important for dogs to have good oral health. When their gums and teeth are healthy, they will have a reduced chance of getting gum disease and experiencing tooth loss. This is important, as dogs need their teeth to eat their food. Read More …

How Can You Find The Best Veterinary Internship?

3 September 2019
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While you may have put a lot of thought into which college you wanted to go to, you probably did not realize that you need to also think about the internship you will have as well. An internship can provide you with a lot of helpful experience and skills you will bring your job in the veterinary field. Pick an Internship That Is More Than Good on Paper Many internships offer different opportunities that look great on paper, but this does not mean they are always the right choice. Read More …