Want a Puppy? The Best Place to Get a Puppy

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Want a Puppy? The Best Place to Get a Puppy

27 September 2019
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If you want to get a puppy, and you are ready for the responsibility of raising one, you need to know where to get your puppy from. Here are some ways you can find a new puppy to adopt.

Humane Society/Animal Shelters

If you want to get a puppy, consider first adopting one from a shelter. There are dogs born all the time that no one can nor wants to take care of. You can go to a local animal shelter or humane society and see if they have any puppies or young dogs that you can adopt. You can also contact a rescue group, especially if there is a particular breed of puppy that you want. Rescue groups help rescue puppies and dogs that are not being taken care of correctly.  

Online Classifieds

Next, you can use an online classified or group posting site to find someone in your area who is selling puppies. It is not uncommon for someone to end up with a pregnant dog and need people to adopt the newborn puppies. With individuals selling puppies online who are not breeders, meet with the family who is selling the puppies to see if you bond with the puppy before taking it home. Find out as much as you can about its parentage, too. You may be able to get a specific breed of puppy this way, but you may just as likely find a really cute mutt.  

Responsible Breeders

Finally, there are lots of responsible toy puppy breeders out there that love their dogs very much and take pride in breeding their dogs and pairing the puppies with great owners. If you want to work with a breeder, go to their home and check out the environment. Make sure that the parents are being taken care of in a safe environment. When the puppies arrive, always meet the dog and make sure that the puppy feels like the right addition to your home. Before you adopt, ask about registration papers as well to make sure the lineage you are being presented with is accurate. Start comparing toy puppy breeders to determine which one you want to work with.

If you are ready to add a puppy to your home, considering adopting a puppy that hasn't found a loving home yet. Or purchase a dog from the online classified or from a responsible breeder. Always check the puppy out in person, and make sure its temperament matches your needs.