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After carefully considering what my children needed out of their everyday lives, I thought that it made more sense to add a pet along with some of our other items. I wanted to create a great way for them to learn responsibility and daily work, and incorporating some pets really helped to accomplish those goals. We got a bearded dragon lizard, and it was really fun to watch how the kids reacted with it. They loved playing with it each and every day, and I was super happy to see how much they were growing through the process. Check out this blog for tips on how to take care of pets.


Why You Should Send Your Dog To Doggy Daycare While You Are At Work Each Day

29 June 2021
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

When you go to work it is a good idea to put your dog in a doggy daycare if the alternative is for them to stay home by themselves. There are a lot of reasons why you should think twice about leaving your dog home alone every day when you go to work. You can learn more about reasons why leaving them at home can be problematic and why doggy daycare is a good idea here. Read More …