Details To Go Over Before You Buy A Live Rock For Your Aquarium

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Details To Go Over Before You Buy A Live Rock For Your Aquarium

27 September 2019
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When you buy an aquarium for your home, your biggest priority will likely be to choose and buy the fish that will live in it. You'll also need to think about what accessories you wish to add to the aquarium to create a lifelike habitat for your new pets. One option that many aquarium enthusiasts pursue is the addition of one or more live rocks. These accessories are highly valuable inside of the aquarium, and you generally have an extensive selection of them at your local pet or aquarium retailer. Here are some specific details to go over before you consider live rock for sale


It's common sense to think about the size of the live rock compared to the aquarium that you own, but it's also easy to not accurately assess the size of either object. The last thing that you want is to get home with a live rock that takes up far too much space inside of the aquarium. It's a good idea to write down the measurements of your aquarium and, upon arriving at the pet store, keep these numbers in mind while you evaluate different live rocks. You can even find a similar-sized aquarium in the store and test its size next to the live rock to ensure that these two things will complement one another.


Don't overlook the importance of being selective about the color of live rock that you choose. These accessories are often available in a wide range of colors, so it can be fun to choose a color that complements the room in which you'll be setting up your aquarium. Remember, you can also use tinted aquarium lights to change the look of the rock and the aquarium as a whole, so consider this option if there's a certain color of rock that you want.


Live rocks come in a variety of shapes, and it can be fun to evaluate what access they might provide to your fish. For example, lots of fish enjoy navigating through the holes and other openings in a piece of live rock, as they provide shelter and protection — even if protection isn't really needed inside of your safe aquarium environment. Consider the size of the fish that you plan to add to the tank and choose a live rock that has holes and openings that will be large enough to accommodate these fish.