4 Things You Need To Do Before Bringing That Cute Puppy Home

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4 Things You Need To Do Before Bringing That Cute Puppy Home

27 September 2019
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Do you live in an apartment but still want to share your life and home with a canine companion? If so, you aren't alone — many people find that life is simply better when you're sharing it with a furry friend. Many apartment communities are becoming increasingly pet-friendly and adding amenities such as on-site dog parks and dog-washing stations. Living in an apartment with a dog isn't quite the same as sharing a standalone, single-family home with a canine companion. Before you bring that cute puppy home, you should take the four following things into consideration. 

The Exercise Needs of the Dog

Dog breeds that do well in country homes with plenty of acreage may not be the best choice for a city apartment, even if the apartment has an on-site dog park or is close to one — and it probably seems obvious that herding dogs such as Border Collies will likely fail to thrive in an apartment environment. However, some smaller breeds such as Pomeranians have high energy levels as well, so you also need to consider your ability to give the dog the exercise it needs. If your schedule doesn't allow for a daily walk, for instance, you should consider a dog with low exercise needs such as a teacup Maltese.

Your Animal Handling Experience 

If you don't have a lot of animal handling experience, particularly with dogs, you should definitely look for a breed that's known for being easy to train. Cockapoos are a great choice because their poodle ancestry ensures that they're sharp and easily trainable.  However, you also need to make certain that you've got the time necessary to commit to a regular training schedule. If not, you may be better off getting an adult dog that is already trained. 

Your Tolerance for Shedding and Odors

Another consideration is your tolerance for shedding and odors. Because you live in an apartment, your dog will be spending most of its time indoors. Unless you want to be constantly vacuuming and using an air freshener because of shedding and odors, find cockapoo puppies for sale or similar breeds that don't shed or smell much. You'll be glad you did when it's the middle of winter and you aren't able to let fresh air into your apartment, and when your friends and family with dogs are always struggling to keep their clothing and furniture free of dog hair.