What To Look For When Boarding Your Precious Pooch

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What To Look For When Boarding Your Precious Pooch

26 September 2019
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If you are taking a trip without your pet, then it may seem as if you have few options available. Friends aren't always available to house sit, and not all pets react well to being left alone for long stretches of time. Luckily, kennels have come a long way from the depressing shelters of years past. If you are concerned about leaving your furry friend alone, then consider looking for these upscale amenities when researching your options.

High-Quality Private Areas

Everything from low-cost kennels to high-class dog resorts will offer your pet a private space, but that doesn't mean that they are all created equally. Some facilities will still use what are essentially large crates, while others will have private "rooms" divided by either cage or glass doors. The amenities inside of your dog's room are likely to vary from location to location as well. Be sure to look for comfortable and clean doggy beds as well as toys to keep your pooch occupied when they are feeling lonely or bored.

A Caring Staff

If you're looking for the best possible boarding option for your pet, then it goes without saying that you probably consider yourself a dog lover. When checking out your boarding options, be sure to speak with the staff to get a feel for their interactions with the dogs at their facility. If possible, ask if you can visit during play or feeding time so that you can actually observe the staff and dogs together. Just watching how the workers at the facility behave around the dogs can tell you a great deal about how your dog will be treated.

Around the Clock Attention

One of the major concerns of many pet owners is that their dogs will not be properly monitored throughout the day or that they will get lonely when the staff is not around. If this is an issue for you, then look for a facility that offers 24-hour care. Many newer pet hotels now have staff that is present around-the-clock to monitor for problems and simply to keep the dogs they are boarding company. This might be an especially helpful amenity to look for if your dog has anxiety issues when alone.

Adequate Exercise, Socialization, and Play Time

It's not enough that your pooch is simply cared for, however, you also want to make sure that they enjoy their vacation as much as you are enjoying yours. The best pet boarding facilities will offer significant amounts of time for exercise, play, and socialization. This is another area where visiting the facility yourself and observing can be instructive. In addition to watching how the staff and dogs interact, watch how the dogs interact with each other. The best facilities will make sure that dogs socialize with each other in a safe and healthy way.

It can be painful to leave your dog for even a few days, but by choosing the right boarding facility you can make sure that your dog is given their own special vacation while also being cared for by a kind and loving staff.

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