Four Animal Care Hospital Services For Every Pet Owner

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Four Animal Care Hospital Services For Every Pet Owner

26 September 2019
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Ideally, your pet has a regular veterinarian that they visit periodically for checkups. In some cases, you may need care that your ordinary vet can't provide. This is where an animal care hospital comes in. This type of facility can give your pet the care they need when they need it. Here are four animal care hospital services you may need to take advantage of:

1. Emergency Care

Emergency care is possibly the most important service that an animal care hospital can provide. If your pet becomes seriously ill or injured outside of normal office hours, you will be unable to reach your pet's ordinary vet. Fortunately, animal hospitals operate seven days a week and 24 hours a day. You can take your pet there any time of the day or night, and trained personnel will be able to assist you.

2. Boarding Services

Whether your pet needs constant medical supervision following a procedure or you're just going out of town, the boarding services provided by many animal care hospitals can help you. Your pet will be fed and given the attention they need. There are dedicated boarding facilities available, but these boarding facilities don't usually have the resources to care for sick animals. The boarding service offered by an animal care hospital can take care of pets who are old, sick, or otherwise disabled.

3. Dental Cleaning

Pets need dental care just like humans do. You can take care of most of your pet's dental needs at home by brushing their teeth regularly and offering chew toys that stimulate the gums. However, if you've been lax in caring for your pet's teeth, tartar may have built up on them. Your veterinarian can remove this tartar by using special tools to scrape it away from the tooth enamel. For your pet's safety and comfort, they will need to be placed under general anesthesia for dental work. This can be done safely by the vets at your local animal care hospital.

4. Weight Management

Your pet's weight has a big impact on their overall health. Pets' bodies are much smaller than their human counterparts, so a few extra pounds can put a lot of stress on their joints and organs. If you need help managing your pet's weight, the staff at an animal hospital can assist you. You can speak to a nutritional expert who can give you advice on the best food to feed your pet. They can help you avoid ingredients that your pet is allergic to, and they can even help you come up with a feeding schedule.