Characteristics That Make Mini Bernedoodles Good Family Dogs

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Characteristics That Make Mini Bernedoodles Good Family Dogs

26 September 2019
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There are numerous breeds that make good family dogs. Labradors are always a favorite, and families also love golden retrievers, collies, and beagles. However, if you're looking for something a little less common, you might consider purchasing a mini bernedoodle. A cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a miniature poodle, the mini bernedoodle is a crossbreed that will win your heart. Here are a few characteristics that make the dog a great choice for families.

Portable Size

Miniature beredoodles tend to be between 24 and 40 pounds. Females are a little on the smaller side of this range, and males are a bit larger. This is a great size for a family dog, since the dog is large enough not to be injured easily by children who might lean on it or tumble against it — yet small enough for you to easily take in your car on family vacations and day trips. Most people can pick up a mini bernedoodle pretty easily, which is helpful when you're in a hurry and need to move the dog.

Affectionate Personality

Some bernedoodles inherit their personality from the Bernese mountain dog side of their pedigree, and some get more poodle personality traits. The good thing is that both of these dog breeds are known to be calm and affectionate, so almost every mini bernedoodle has a pleasant personality and does well with kids. Those that are more poodle-like tend to be more energetic, while those that are more mountain dog-like tend to be a little on the mopey or lazy side, but they're all friendly.

Good Health

When you are busy caring for kids, you need a dog who maintains good health and does not have a lot of extra veterinary demands. Mini bernedoodles are usually very healthy. Since they are a cross-breed, they avoid a lot of the health issues that purebred poodles and Bernese mountain dogs may be prone to. Some mini bernedoodles have eye and skin problems, but these tend to be easily managed. This is a long-lived cross-breed, often living for 15 years, so your kids should have many fun years with their canine companion.


Although mini bernedoodles tend to be well-behaved, they do have plenty of energy. They do well in homes with kids since the kids can spend hours playing with them, throwing sticks, and so forth. They thrive when they are occupied and have someone paying attention to them, so they do well in busy family homes. 

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