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After carefully considering what my children needed out of their everyday lives, I thought that it made more sense to add a pet along with some of our other items. I wanted to create a great way for them to learn responsibility and daily work, and incorporating some pets really helped to accomplish those goals. We got a bearded dragon lizard, and it was really fun to watch how the kids reacted with it. They loved playing with it each and every day, and I was super happy to see how much they were growing through the process. Check out this blog for tips on how to take care of pets.


Have A New Dog? Pet Services You May Need In The Future

20 March 2023
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

If you have a dog, there may be times when you cannot care for it yourself. If so, you can hire a pet services company. This can make your life easier and your dog healthier. Keep reading for some services a pet services company provides.  Dog Sitting If you are not able to be at home for a long period of time, you need someone to look after your dog. You could take your dog to a dog boarding service, but this may be stressful for them and you. Read More …